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    “One could say that art and its artform culminate in a finalised immutable piece, a finished object, a motion picture, a sculpture, a melody, a painting, a dress, a jewel…all immortalised with its coexistence with the moments that led to its creation...”

    Ricardo Ramgoolam de Botton.

    Watch the full video of this collection here

  • Patricia Maria de Botton

    Patricia Maria de Botton

    Patricia Maria is essentially an artist.

     An early fashion model experience followed by a degree in fashion design in IADE Lisbon, were the basic ingredients that were to be used later, to convert her talent into fashion objects.

    The brand PATZI CREATIVE DESIGN was born in 2011 to shape her first ideas and thoughts into fashion accessories and high-end bijouterie.

    After attending a Jewellery course in Lisbon in 2017, she continued experimenting with different shapes and techniques. Some individual pieces were created, and she started building up ideas and studying different avenues before going into full creation and development.
    Her academic connection with fashion design, lead her to think of collections of pieces based on specific themes. As such she started to create a series of different items that reflected a common concept that would ultimately work as a collection. She planned to start her real Jeweller designer career with some kind of “Première” in 2019.
    Her first theme had to depict a story. In this case the story worked around the beauty and detail of the profession of the “Haute Couture” dressmaking, trying to put forward the handwork and dynamism of the people that are behind the development of this fashion activity.

    ...She called it “The Dressmaker Collection”.