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Sterling silver Tiara adorned by handmade silver braids, hand embroidered with sterling silver thread, a variety of pearls and beads with 24 Carat gold plated details.


A Collection Masterpiece. Pearls are displayed as little bouquets and delicate embroideries giving a feeling of lightness in the composition of this jewel.


  It is time. The Groom waits at the Altar. The Seamstress places the Tiara on the Brides’ Head.

The moment has come. It was a dream made reality. Filled with emotions, she parades with a smile on an endless corridor, meeting him right there where he stands..

 This Tiara is made of a double Headband structure, ergonomically designed for a head. This jewel has the particularity of having few welding points in silver as all the work is handmade in the form of embroidery sawn with silver threads and ribbons. This meticulous work gains shape and sustainability through the tension created by the metal itself. A variety of freshwater pearls, keshi pearls and mother of pearl beads of various sizes and colours from the white, peach and dark grey colours are embroidered around the overall structure. Sterling Silver beads of different finishes give a final touch helped by 24 carat gold plated spikes to help fixing the pearls.


Sterling Silver with White Rhodium Platted.

Freshwater pearls, keshi pearls and mother of pearl beads;sterling Silver beads.


 Icon jewel – unique and totally handmade

-Price upon request  Contact us via e-mail 
-Approximate weight : 152  g
-Approximate dimensions : Width – 145 mm; Height – 200 mm
-Handmade in Portugal 
-Certificate of Authenticity by INCM (Assay office)
-Product Care