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Necklace made of Sterling Silver, Zirconia, Natural Feathers, Silk Fringes, Sterling Silver Beads, Onyx and Crystal Stones.


Considered a Collection’s Masterpiece, was inspired on a Sevillian Stylist from the 1920’s.


 Dance and whirl your shawl in a frenetic rhythm of black light and flamenco guitars until the first rays of the sun, on a fresh morning with the perfume of azahar… 


It pays tribute to both Sevillian Woman and all women during post war, who quintessentially founded of the “Les Années-folles, The Roaring Twenties”. This decade promoted change and transformation that echo through Fashion’s History, grating it exuberance through a mix of materials and Haute Couture. “The Sevillian Stylist” is represented in this piece, glorifying the innovation transpired in this epoch. Behind this new silhouette, there is a will of emancipating individual expression in feminine behaviour.

This centrepiece of the Jewel is composed by a braid, a needle with a Zirconia and a thimble. Removable adornment in Silk, with feathers, silver beads and Onyx and Crystal Stones. The unique hinge is a box with a steel spring in its interior, that allows the rim to move. The Clasp is the forepart of the jewel, that is detachable through a magnet inserted into the thimble.


The overall jewel was  *White Rhodium plated. 


Unique Iconic Jewel, handmade.


-Price upon request  Contact us via e-mail 
-Approximate weight: 122 g
-Approximate dimensions Width – 150 mm; Height – 225 mm; Medallion diameter - 80 mm; Length silk tassel - 200 mm
-Handmade in Portugal 
-Certificate of Authenticity by INCM (Assay office)
-Product Care