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A sterling silver Necklace with two thimbles where two silk tassels embroidered with pyrite stones and silver beads are connected by magnets. The range of Thimble Necklaces uses sewing elements such as thimbles, sewing lines and needles. 

The use of colourful tassels conveys in its essence the Designer’s wish to project jewels that can be dressed, getting the best of both worlds of Jewellery and Dressmaking.


This sterling silver necklace has an original closure made of an articulated box with a steel spring inside that eases the opening of the collar ring. Each of the two silk tassels embroidered with pyrite stones and silver beads fits perfectly in its thimble through an ingenious magnet, making it possible to be interchangeable with another one with a different colour and finishing.


Available in:


*White Rhodium plated


*24 ct Gold plated 



-Price upon request  Contact us via e-mail 
-Approximate weight: 43 g 
-Approximate dimensions : Width – 160 mm; Height – 185 mm (Only Sterling silver) *Length silk tassel- 150 mm
-Handmade in Portugal
-Certificate of Authenticity by INCM (Assay office)
-Product Care