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Sterling silver bracelet with a magnetic clasping mechanism


One of the Masterpieces of this collection, this iconic jewel is a sterling silver bracelet inspired in the “Art of Looms” and Trimmings. Silver wire is interweaved by the Dressmaker as if it was silk thread.


This Sterling Silver Bracelet is a tribute to the ancient "Art of Looms" and "the Trimmings" (Passementarie), where still today threads of silk, metal and other materials are interweaved, giving birth to special trimmings nowadays used by Dressmakers in haute couture.

The Sterling silver wire is manually twisted and interwoven originating this magnificent unique bracelet. The opening and closing of this jewel is done with a magnetic clasping mechanism inserted in the structure of the bracelet. The finishing is both polished and satin.  

The overall jewel was White Rhodium plated. 


 Unique Iconic Jewel, handmade.




-Price upon request -  Contact us via e-mail 
 -Approximate weight :  75 g
-Approximate dimensions :  Width – 115 mm; Thickness - 20 mm; Internal diameter: 58 mm
-Handmade in Portugal 
-Certificate of Authenticity by INCM (Assay office)
-Product Care