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Sterling silver Bracelet


The button is the central and dominant element in this jewel. 

While being upfront, it was the backstage work of the needle and the thread that put him there!


Sterling silver bracelet has as its main elements: a button, a needle and a thread. The button has a signature “Patzi finishing”; that gives the sensation of a textile woven material, the needle acting as the support for the button in the bracelet’s structure and finally stitched by the thread. All these are necessary elements for the completion of Haute Couture fashion apparel.


The bracelet’s structure is in Rhodium plated sterling silver. A hinge makes it open easily and it is closed by a hoop closure. Inside the bracelet there is an adjustment fixture so as to adapt to the wrist or arm. 


Available in three diferente button colours:


*White rhodium plated .


*Black Rhodium plated


*24 ct gold plated



-Price upon request -  Contact us via e-mail 
-Approximate weight: 52 g
-Approximate dimensions :  Width – 74 mm; Thickness – 12 mm; Height – 49 mm  *Button Diameter : 57 mm
-Handmade in Portugal 
-Certificate of Authenticity by INCM (Assay office)
-Product Care