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Sterling Silver Ring, with Feathers, Mink and Freshwater Pearls.


One of the Collection’s Masterpiece,

this iconic jewel is galvanized by the pin cushions

present in every taylor’s and seamstress’s

sewing table in the usual form of a bracelet,

this time transformed into a ring.


 And the Pin said to the needle about the sewing thread: 

«   … But a pin, with a big head and not lesser experience, muttered to the poor needle: — Come on, learn, you fool. You are so tired in opening the way for her and it is her, who will enjoy life, while you stay there in the sewing box.  Do as I do. I do not open the way to no-one. Where I’m pinned, I stay.”                                                     


Machado de Assis

"Para Gostar de Ler - Volume 9 - Contos", Editora Ática - São Paulo, 1984, pág. 59.


And there he stayed…



Ring Composed by a Sterling Silver base and grid,

complemented with Mink, Feathers, Pins and Freshwater Pearls. 

White Rhodium Plated

Iconic and unique piece 

-Price upon request -  Contact us via e-mail 
-Approximate Weight: 26,50 g
-Approximate Dimensions: Base diameter -30mm; Ring diameter -17,5 mm; Ring size -14  *Feather crown diameter -65 mm
-Handmade in Portugal 
-Certificate of Authenticity by INCM (Assay office)
-Product Care