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A ring and a thimble are connected by a chain, all in sterling silver.

Six Garnets are set on the thimble. Yet another Masterpiece of this Collection.


This jewel is inspired in foregone days,

more precisely in the Eighteenth century and on the famous “ Chatelaines ”.

A Fashion accessory that had to do with the mobility of women at that time.


 “Chatelaines” were jewels very much in use in the 18thCentury, as decorative adornments, that attached to the waist of a woman’s dress, bearing tiny useful and daily accessories. As much as in a “Swiss Army knife”used nowadays, a “Chatelaine” gave quick and practical access to tools the wearer would need. A Haute Couture Dressmaker, for example, would certainly have a tiny box with needles, pins and safety pins, a tape measure, a pair of scissors and a thimble.

The “Chatelaines” were indeed a very popular accessory and very often were a real fashion statement standing as a jewel borne with pride by high society Ladies. In the 19th century, jewellers like Fabergé, Tiffany, Lalique, Boucheron and many others, were compelled to produce this prestigious jewels showing varied examples of “Watch  Chatelaines”

* A cabinet card circa 1880 shows a well-dressed woman

wearing a needlework chatelaine, a rarity in posed photographs.

(Photo cortesia )


This Ring and its chain are thus inspired on a “ Chateleine” worn by an Haute Couture Dressmaker. We named it “ The Seamstress touch ”.


Garnets with 1.3mm 

Sterling silver * White Rhodium plated

 Icon Jewel- unique piece.

-Price upon request  Contact us via e-mail 
 -Approximate weight: 14,60 g
-Approximate dimensions : Length – 76 mm; Ring diameter - 17 mm; Internal diameter thimble - 16 mm
- Handmade in Portugal 
-Certificate of Authenticity by INCM (Assay office)
-Product Care